The Excubator

The ØreXund Excubator is a state-of-the-art sustainable entrepreneurship programme for entrepreneurs in the Øresund Region. We work with start-ups and established companies aspiring to run a business that are both economically viable and socially and environmentally sustainable.

In this project we use a digital entrepreneurship platform called Entreprenerdy to facilitate the different steps of the programme. It is a well-proven method that has been developed and researched by professor Yngve Dahle at the University of South Eastern Norway and tested globally in different collaborations.

Every entrepreneur will get a personal business advisor from Coompanion in Sweden and Kooperationen in Denmark that will guide you through the programme and provide one-to-one coaching helping you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

The programme consists of nine workshops, six digital and three IRL meetings in the Malmö/Copenhagen area where you get to connect with other sustainable entrepreneurs in the region. If you like we can also pair you with a mentor from the business sector, who after the nine-week programme are over can help you opening doors to new possibilities.

Beyond that we will give digital lectures about how to do cooperative ownership, how to lead together without having a boss, sustainable business models and how to expand your market across the sound.


The programme will guide you through how to set up a value driven business. Starting with your motivation, going through your existing resources we will twist and turn your business idea and business model. It will help you set up goals and break down how to achieve them one step at a time. In the end you will set up a budget and a forecast to give you an idea if your business will be viable. And we will give you the tools on how to you calculate the impact your business has on society to make is as sustainable as possible.

The workshops will be group sessions where you get to feedback your ideas with other entrepreneurs. That might sound a little scary to you, but from our experience, meeting others who face similar challenges often turns out to be the most rewarding part of it all.

Course Modules:

  1. Intro and kick-off (IRL)
  2. Purpose and value (online)
  3. Resources and organization(online)
  4. Business Idea and Impact – Impact (online)
  5. Study visits and network meeting (IRL)
  6. Business model (online)
  7. Goals and tasks (online)
  8. Budget and Forecast (online)
  9. Pitch your idea and network meeting (IRL)

Course Dates:

All four courses are identical, and you can only apply to one course. The first course will be held in Swedish (for the Swedish entrepreneurs) and in Danish (for the Danish entrepreneurs), but if there is a high demand courses will be offered in English as well.

  • First Course: 14. Sep. 2021 – 12. Nov. 2021 (In Swedish and Danish)
  • Second Course: 19. Nov. 2021 – 3. Feb. 2022 (In English)
  • Third Course: 10. Feb. 2022 – 7. Apr. 2022 (In English)
  • Fourth Course: 21. Apr. 2022 – 9. June 2022 (In English)

How Much Time Will it Take?

Workshops take place once a week for nine weeks. Each course consists of six online meetings and three in-person meetings. The online workshops lasts 90 minutes. For each of the three IRL meetings, you should allow 3-4 hours. Also, you should expect about 1-2 hours of preparation before each training course. So all and all, you need to set aside about 3-6 hours a week during the course of the programme. It will require some time and effort on your behalf, on the other hand you will walk away with a thorough business plan and a pretty good idea of how to make it fly.

Sounds interesting? Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Course content:

Course 1: (Courses are held in Danish and Swedish)

  •  Intro and Kick-off – 14.09.21 (IRL)
  • Value-driven Companies – 21.09.21 (online)
  • The Coop Business Model – 28.09.21 (online)
  • Business Idea and Business Model – Impact – 05.10.21 (online)
  • Expand your Business across the Region – Study Tour and Network – 12.10.21 (IRL)
  • Marketing and Sales – 19.10.21 (online)
  • Effect Measurement and Visualization – 26.10.21 (online)
  • Budget and Forecast – 02.11.21 (online)
  • Pitch your Idea – 12.11.21 (IRL)

Course 2: (Courses are held in Danish and Swedish)

  • Intro og Kick-off – 16.11.21 (IRL)
  • Value-driven Companies – 23.11.21 (online)
  • The Coop Business Model – 30.11.21 (online)
  • Business Idea and Business Model – Impact – 07.12.21 (online)
  • Network Webinar – date unknown (IRL)
  • Study Tour and Network 11.01.22 (IRL)
  • Marketing and Sales – 18.02.22 (online)
  • Effect Measurement and Visualization – 25.01.22 (online)
  • Budget and Forecast – 01.02.22 (digitalt)
  • Pitch your Idea –11.02.22 (IRL)

Teaching Course 3: (Courses are held in Danish and Swedish)

  • Intro and Kick-off – 15.02.22 (IRL)
  • Value-driven Companies – 22.02.22 (online)
  • The Coop Business Model – 01.03.22 (online)
  • Business Idea and Business Model – Impact – 08.03.22 (online)
  • Study Tour and Network 15.03.22 (IRL)
  • Marketing and Sales – 22.03.22 (online)
  • Effect Measurement and Visualization – 29.03.22 (online)
  • Budget and Forecast – 05.04.22 (digitalt)
  • Pitch your Idea –22.04.22 (IRL)

Course 4: (Courses are held in English)

  • Intro og Kick-off – 26.04.22 (IRL)
  • Value-driven Companies – 03.05.22 (online)
  • The Coop Business Model – 10.05.22 (online)
  • Business Idea and Business Model – Impact – 17.05.22 (online)
  • Study Tour and Network – 24.05.22 (IRL)
  • Marketing and Sales – 31.05.22 (online)
  • Effect Measurement and Visualization – 07.06.22 (online)
  • Budget and Forecast – 14.06.22 (digitalt)
  • Pitch your Idea –24.06.22 (IRL)