ØreXund Excubator is an entrepreneurship program aimed at entrepreneurs and businesses in the Øresund region that wants to contribute to a more sustainable societal development.

For 9 weeks (a few hours a week), you will be able to sharpen your business idea and business model together with advisors and other entrepreneurs from both Sweden and Denmark.

The program is perfect if you are looking for a structured way of developing your business and believe that sustainability and collaboration are important drivers in your business development.

You might be, for example 

  • a businesses that want to develop a more sustainable approach.
  • a business that want to expand in the Øresund region.
  • a cooperative that want to combine profitability with social benefit
  • a business that wants to collaborate and share resources with other businesses.

You also get the opportunity to create a network on both sides of the strait and gain access to a large market. You can be in the start-up phase or have an established company, alone or in a group.

Most of the work will take place in a digital development platform that will provide new fuel for your idea and help you create structure and a clear implementation. But not everything happens digitally. We will also be seen ”for real” on a few occasions, both in Copenhagen and in Malmö, if the pandemic allow us to do so of course.

Course starts February 10, 2022, and is held in English (The contact with your adviser will be in your preferred language, english, swedish, or danish)

Browse our website and read more about the program’s content. If you find it interesting, sign up. If you are curious, but still have doubts about whether it is right for you – contact us!

Learn more about ØreXund participant Aputsiak Niels Janussen’s business idea and his thoughts about the program.

Hope to see you in ØreXund!

Apply no later than February 3, 2022


Elin Dagerbo
070-091 91 41

The Øresund Excubator is run by a collaboration between Coompanion Skåne in Sweden and Kooperationen and the Think Tank Demokratisk Erhverv in Denmark and thanks to the support from Interreg Öresund-Kattegatt-Skagerrak it is free of charge.

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