Frequently asked questions

  • What Is an Excubator?

    You have probably heard of an incubator. Its usually a place where a number of businesses are given the best possible conditions to thrive. An excubator could be described as an incubator on the go. We run along the track and give you our best pepp-talk when you climb the hill. In your own environment, through both one-to one meetings with a personal business advisor and in group sessions, we try to tailor make a programme for your business to succeed.

  • Where and When?

    The training at Ørexund Excubator will be in-person and online. In-person training (bootcamps) will take place in Copenhagen and Malmö. Online training courses are the main part of Øresund Excubator. Each course is taught live followed by exercises that allow entrepreneurs to truly grasp what they just have learned. Ørexund Excubator consists of four identical and separate training courses that start in September 2021 and finish in June 2022. In just nine weeks your we will help you transform your business dream to reality. Each entrepreneur can only participate in one training course.

  • What Subjects are Taught?

    Subjects that are such as democratic organization and management, ownership and business models, sustainability, value proposition, marketing, forecasting and pitching.

  • Training Languages

    Depending on which country you live in, the training will be held either in Danish or Swedish. If there is a high demand, training will be offered in English as well.

  • Will I Need to Prepare?

    Entrepreneurs should expect at least two hours of preparation before each training course.

  • How much time will I invest

    Workshops take place once a week for nine weeks. Each course consists of six online meetings and three in-person meetings. The online workshops lasts 90 minutes. For each of the three IRL meetings, you should allow 3-4 hours. Also, you should expect about 1-2 hours of preparation before each training course. So all and all, you need to set aside about 3-6 hours a week during the course of the programme. It will require some time and effort on your behalf, on the other hand you will walk away with a thorough business plan and a pretty good idea of how to make it fly.

  • Will I Receive Individual Support and Guidance?

    In addition to the 90-minute weekly training courses, Ørexund Excubator will offer individual advice and guidance from a personal business advisor, as well as webinars on relevant topics ranging from employment law and forecast to sustainability leadership and value creation.

  • Who Can Participate?

    Ørexund Excubator is aimed at entrepreneurs who live or have a business in the Øresund region. Businesses should have less than 10 employees. Ørexund Excubator is for everyone – students, recent graduates, individuals or groups in all phases of their working life. It is for people who want to develop their business in a more sustainable and democratic way and for those who have a good business concept, but don’t know where to start.

  • What Is a Cooperative?

    Cooperatives are people-centred enterprises owned, controlled and run by and for their members to realise their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations. Cooperatives bring people together in a democratic and equal way. Cooperatives allow people to take control of their economic future and, because they are not owned by shareholders, the economic and social benefits of their activity stay in the communities where they are established. Profits generated are either reinvested in the enterprise or returned to the members.

  • Why Start a Cooperative?

    One of the greatest advantages of a cooperative business is the equality involved in its management and how democratic it is overall. The members can have all of their needs met without having to defer to a single person. This equitable type of organization makes the cooperative business a lot more stable than a traditional business. Cooperative businesses are owned and controlled by the members, so they are more autonomous compared to businesses controlled by their investors. Another factor that leads to more control within a cooperative is the fact that all the members of the cooperative need to be active within the cooperative so they can divide the workload equally among themselves.

  • Is Ørexund Excubator Only for Cooperatives?

    No. Ørexund Excubator is for all kinds of companies.

  • How Is the Øresund Region Defined?

    The Øresund region includes the regions of Skåne, the Capital Region of Denmark and the Region of Zealand (Sjælland), including Bornholm.

  • How to Apply?

    Apply through the registration module by clicking on this text.

  • Deadlines for Registration

    There are four different deadlines depending on which course suits you best. The deadlines are: 1st Course – September 6, 2021. 2nd Course – November 14, 2021. 3rd Course – February 2, 2022. 4th Course – April 12, 2022.