A Closer Look-ASD-Puzzlaren

ASD-Puzzlaren is one of the participant businesses in the Ørexund Excubator. Here you can read more about Roland Dreckmann’s story behind the idea and the added value from the Ørexund program.

What is your idea and purpose? To provide updated tools for the personal leadership when you have ASD – Autism-Spectrum-Disorder (neuro-diverse) or are a relative to someone with ASD so that you can create a sustainable quality of life outside the social norm. This regardless if you have the financial muscle or not. 
To help create a win-win situation for both employe and employer when the employe has ASD.
Be a bridge builder between the neuro-diverse and the neuro-typical.

What inspired you to start? My own experiences of getting diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrom at the age of 51 but been living with the consequences my whole life without knowing the reason for my challenges in life. There is not a updated way of thinking when it comes to helping us that are ”almost functioning”.

What do you hope to learn from the ØreXund Excubator course? How to think & plan when it comes to building a team and create a good network. How to communicate to investors and potential partners. To be able to collaborate and learn from Denmark when it comes to supporting people that have ASD or are relatives.

Have you received inspiration from the other participants in ØreXund Excubator? Yes. In Fact I got in contact with an influential Danish business, that has a similar mission to mine, through the Orexund network. That type of sharing is valuable and very inspirational. It also led to great insights for me.

What changes in the world would you like to create with your idea? We neuro-diverse people have a lot to contribute with for the world because we think outside the boundary’s of the social norm. That there is so much social return of investment when you give people the tools to create quality of life outside the norm.

If you want to know more about ASD-Puzzlaren, visit https://www.asdp.se

Do you have an entrepreneurial dream or do you want to start a cooperative? Then you can apply to become part of ØreXund Excubator: https://orexund.coop/

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